Starting a new business?

You're going to need a web site and hosting and email and a domain name and an SSL Certificate and a heap of other difficult computery things. Instead of embarking on a huge learning curve at a time when you need to concentrate on your new venture, why not let us look after all that boring technical stuff for you and then you can get on with what you do best - running your business!

What We do

Although it may all seem like gobbledygook we know our onions well which is fortunate because that means we can set you and your new company up with a hosting account and email accounts for you and your staff in a matter of minutes. Need a web site? No problem - we can organise that for you too. And if you need something a little more involved, like some custom PHP work carried out, we can sort that for you as well. Whatever your level of knowledge in IT, we can fill in the gaps or just do it all for you, freeing you up to run your own business.


Who We Are

Situated in the UK, Media Munch has been providing IT services to small businesses since 2011.


Our Work

Our highly skilled developers, designers and programmers have worked with us for many years. Their excellent work is timely and extremely good value. We strive to provide high quality results at cost effective prices. Most of our existing clients have been with us for years and years. We know that finding new customers is far more expensive and labour intensive than simply keeping existing customers so we work hard to ensure that our customer relationships last for a very long time. Happy clients is what it's all about.

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